Andy Franks is the founder of BrightSky ClearMind which has evolved out of BrightSky Consulting into a change management company with a presence in both Sydney and London.

A business leader with a wide range of international business experience for major PLC’s. Andy has a proven track record of managing award winning teams, consistently delivering positive change and substantial business benefits in major management roles.

BrightSky ClearMind are committed to helping businesses and individuals make more informed decisions, specialising in the Financial Guidance (FinTech) space. We take society level problems and collaborate with businesses to enable them to coach, guide, support and educate their customers, clients, employees and members into making better and more informed financial decisions.

A change consultancy, majoring in strategic procurement, negotiation strategy, finding the dead bodies & project management. + Training, executive mentoring, personal & cultural transition.

BrightSky ClearMind (Sydney) excels in business and personal transformation with expertise that span industry leading financial services, change management, print procurement and strategic communications expertise.

BrightSky ClearMind

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